Helping a parent with dementia settle into memory care

You’re planning to move your parent with dementia to a memory care unit at a retirement community, but you’re worried that they’ll have a hard time adapting to their new home. In fact, you’re beginning to have second thoughts about whether you should go ahead with the move at all.

Thinking of getting your aging parents to move in with you?

Your aging parents are running into health issues. They’re living on their own, and you’re concerned about their safety.

Why Paying a Downsizing Expert Can Be Worth the Investment

People who help their downsizing parents shed some of their possessions are often caught off guard by how huge a task it can be.

Checklist offers one less thing to worry about if your aging parent has a health crisis

Your mom or dad had a health scare in the past, but right now they’re doing fine (knock on wood). Just the same, you can’t help but remember the anxiety you felt when you still weren’t certain how things would turn out. 

Making personal care decisions for a family member in Ontario

What happens when you can’t make decisions regarding your own personal or medical care? Let’s say you’re temporarily incapacitated. Who can make them for you?

Should My Parent Downsize or Stay in Their Current Home?

When your parent reaches a certain age, their current home may begin to feel like it’s too big for them. Keeping it clean and maintained is becoming a hassle. If they’re widowed, the absence of their partner may make the place feel especially empty.

Music project awakens the brains of people with dementia

Music can be powerful medicine for anyone, but especially people with dementia. 

Popular Dance Moves of the 40’s

Do you remember dancing to any of these with your parents or grandparents?

New to Caregiving:It snuck up on me! Now what?

For many of us, caring for an aging parent(s) follows a natural progression over time. However, care needs can change and situations can shift. Sometimes those changes are sudden and profound, and other times slow and subtle. 

1940's Cars

Cars have definitely changed from the 1940s! Here are some fun facts we have gathered!