Should my grieving parent move?

You’ve lost one aging parent and now you’re not sure whether the other one can live safely on their own. Should they move? Some things to consider.

My parent doesn’t want to live with people their own age

It’s not uncommon for people well into their 80s or even 90s to refuse to move to a senior living community because they “don’t want to live with old people”. Find out why they might be saying this and how you can respond.

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Pointers on sharing the life story of your parent with dementia

Your mom or dad has dementia and you’re concerned that if they move to a retirement home, they’ll be a stranger to the staff there. 

What to Take to a Memory Care Unit: 7 Things to Consider

If your parent with dementia is moving to a memory care unit, they won’t be able to take a lot with them. Here’s advice on what to pack. 

Helping a parent with dementia settle into memory care

You’re planning to move your parent with dementia to a memory care unit at a retirement community, but you’re worried that they’ll have a hard time adapting to their new home. In fact, you’re beginning to have second thoughts about whether you should go ahead with the move at all.

Thinking of getting your aging parents to move in with you?

Your aging parents are running into health issues. They’re living on their own, and you’re concerned about their safety.

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Checklist offers one less thing to worry about if your aging parent has a health crisis

Your mom or dad had a health scare in the past, but right now they’re doing fine (knock on wood). Just the same, you can’t help but remember the anxiety you felt when you still weren’t certain how things would turn out. 

Making personal care decisions for a family member in Ontario

What happens when you can’t make decisions regarding your own personal or medical care? Let’s say you’re temporarily incapacitated. Who can make them for you?