Piecing Together the Retirement Living Industry

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I often hear “I’m going out feet first” from seniors I have been asked to consult with!

Knowing which strategies and when to use them is important when dealing with all things retirement living.

In these pages you will gain knowledge about the retirement living industry, and learn from real life examples of our clients situations and how they overcame the same objections you are facing.

Additionally, gain invaluable information on how to defuse family feuds as they pertain to loved ones moving or not moving into retirement living, and strategies on how to keep everyone healthy if you decide to live together, again!

Access free resources only available to ebook readers and set your family on the path to success when heading down the road of the unknown.

Amy Friesen


Amy, a retirement living expert and Founder of Tea & Toast as well as With 20 years of industry knowledge, Amy and her teams guide seniors and their families through the difficult health care system, helping them to find the best homes and services for their unique and personal situations. Over the years Amy and her team have moved 1000's of seniors in the Ottawa area.

Tea & Toast

Tea and Toast provides a compassionate, credible and customized local navigation service for families and individuals looking for a retirement residence that fits their unique needs and budget.