Complimentary Retirement Home Search and Navigation

Complimentary Retirement Home Search and Navigation

Our bread and butter! Our meat and potatoes! Our most popular client service provides a thorough search of retirement housing. A trustworthy and caring Tea & Toast advisor will get to know your needs, wants, budget and location preferences. We will present you with three options, schedule tours at those residences, and accompany you on each tour.

We work with all the same local retirement homes our competitors do—PLUS we have exclusive contracts with additional homes in Ottawa and surrounding area. 

Family Mediation and Support Services

 There is nothing more stressful than in-fighting in a family, especially during difficult times of transition and change. Often, our senior clients don’t want to move at all, and the family ends up tugging them in a multitude of directions because each member feels they know what is best.

Our number one concern is the senior with whom we work, but a close second is to make sure that all wants and needs of the family member’s important to that senior are heard, respected and taken into account.

Emergency Relocation and Crisis Placement

Often, seniors want to stay independent in their home to the very end. In our experience though, they sometimes stay long past what is considered safe ending up in a crisis situation and needing to be moved immediately.

For cases like these, Tea & Toast is available 24 hours a day to explore options and move quickly to find a solution.  Although this is not the most desired approach, we still provide the same amount of service and navigation as our other services - just, in a shorter period of time.

I strongly recommend Tea & Toast's services if you're looking for help finding a retirement home for a family member in Ottawa or another loved one. With limited time to develop a solution for my mother, T&T found options in my desired price range, and geographical area, and walked me through the process in a way that kept me informed. They took care of some of the routine paperwork and red tape, and had an effective knowledge of the players in the hospitals and retirement home community to make everything seamless. I'm appreciative for the help they provided to me and my Mom.

- Patrick B

Additional consulting services*

Retirement home search - un-contracted homes

Some retirement homes choose not to work with ANY advisors, preferring to rely on traditional advertising. However, we still believe you should get the support and knowledge you need to make an informed decision. If you wish to receive advice on all options available—including homes that do not traditionally work with advisors—we will happily add any we deem to be a great fit to our top three home recommendations.

Add to your previous search

Have you previously looked at or contacted a few homes already—but now want the help of an expert advisor? No problem! An advisor will be happy to provide additional recommendations and accompany you on tours. And as an extra bonus: if you choose one of the homes a Tea & Toast advisor adds to your search, you benefit from our consulting services at no charge!

Consulting Service - Pick Our Brain!

Independent and not quite ready to move, but want to explore retirement living options? You are welcome to meet with one of our friendly advisors to talk about what’s out there, discuss your preferences and concerns, and start the planning conversation. This service usually takes about one hour.

*An hourly fee may be applicable

We take great care in blending all needs and wants from each family member. We make sure that the family is truly hearing their loved one.