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  • We are well versed in the Ottawa retirement living industry.

  • Our advisors have direct experience working in retirement residences and are skilled in needs discovery and negotiation.

  • Tea and Toast benefits you by providing a bird’s-eye view of the entire market.

  • We stay up to date on industry trends.

What is the best Retirement living OPTION?

What is the best retirement living option for me?

We’ve heard this question many, many times. The short answer? There is no blanket “best” retirement living option. Every situation is different. We get to know you as an individual, and make recommendations based on your unique needs and wants.

My wife was in the hospital while I was trying to visit her daily while at the same time trying to locate a home to accommodate her and her special needs.Without Tea and Toast I could not have done this.They were a major contributor to our success in finding a home that fit all our needs.

- Larry Halman

Save Time - Our industry knowledge can save you up to 80 hours of your own time researching and touring retirement homes. How? Because we take the time to understand your "wish-list," we can easily pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. And because we know the local industry — we can locate retirement living options anywhere in Ottawa quickly and efficiently.

Save Effort - If you were trying to locate all the best possible solutions for yourself or a loved one, you would need to become an expert yourself in the retirement industry. We're already experts - let us handle it for you.
Rest Assured - We know what's out there. Our advisors have toured every retirement home in Ottawa. In fact, we often bring clients options that they didn’t even know existed!

I give Tea & Toast my strongest recommendation if anyone is looking for help in finding a retirement home solution for a family member. From beginning to end, Tea & Toast served on my behalf — and on behalf of my elderly mother — to ensure that accommodations options were investigated and to reduce my anxiety. Going into the process of finding a retirement home for my Mom, I didn’t even know what questions to ask. Tea & Toast anticipated my questions and provided sound advice the whole way through. I’m truly grateful for the help they provided.

- Patrick Byrne


  • Save you countless hours
  • Reduce stress, frustration and confusion
  • Explain industry terms and processes
  • Navigate the retirement and long-term care system
  • Find the best fit for your (or your family member’s) needs

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