Get a clear understanding of the

Long Term Care industry

without feeling lost, overwhelmed or stressed

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Whether you are:

Sandwich Generation

A busy professional with children and parents requiring assistance.

Making a Plan

Looking to make a plan for your loved one or your future self.

In the Process

In the process and requiring real time answers and direction.

By the end of this program, you will have…

  • The knowledge you need to make those important decisions

    Get rid of the overwhelm associated with not knowing what to do.
  • Less guilt...

    Much of the guilt adult children feel in this circumstance is due to their lack of understanding of the industry and not knowing if they are making the best decision.
  • More time

    Putting a plan in place will save you time that you can reinvest (hopefully in yourself).
  • Confidence

    Know that you made the best decision you could have.

Roadmap to Long Term Care in Ontario is the solution you have been looking for while you have been piecing together each and every piece of information you can get your hands on.

Module One:
Differences Between a Long Term Care Home and a Retirement Home

Giving you the foundation you need, to have confidence in the decisions you make surrounding retirement living. 

Module Two:
Local Health Integration Network

Who are the LHIN and what services are available? We also teach you about the steps required to apply. 

Module Three:
Long Term Care Process

In module 3 we will discuss the entire process to being accepted into a Long Term Care home. 

Module Four:
Strategies and Planning

We will walk you through how to have "the talk" with your family and go over specific strategies that will assist you along the journey.

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