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Pets: Good or Bad for Seniors?

Are you a senior who owns a pet, or is thinking of getting a pet?

Or are you concerned about your aging parent and their ability to care for a dog, cat or other animal?

What Seniors Should Look for in a Real Estate Agent

So you’re a senior…and you’ve decided to sell the family home.

Whether due to necessity (financially or health-related) or simply because you want a smaller or more social place to live in, this can be an exciting time of transition. But it can also be incredibly emotional, stressful…and even complicated.

Advance Care Planning: Starting The Conversation About Your End of Life Wishes

Discussing a loved one’s end-of-life wishes is not a comfortable topic of conversation for many.

However, it is critical to have someone in place to make important medical-related decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so yourself.

8 Common Misconceptions About Retirement Living

Do you know fact from fiction when it comes to retirement living – and how it affects seniors, caregivers, and family members?

Falling Down: Safeguarding Seniors from Damaging Falls

According to Ottawa Public Health, falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults in Canada!

A True Community Effort: Volunteers Help 1,000 Ottawa Seniors During Multi-Day Power Outage

On September 21, 2018 Ottawa-Gatineau was changed forever by six tornados.

Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease Are On The Rise in Canada: Here's What it Means For You And Your Family

For the first time in our nation’s history, there are more seniors than children in Canada. This means that more seniors are being diagnosed with dementia—as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

Entertaining The Grandkids In A Retirement Home: 10 Fun Ideas for Children And Seniors to do together

When Grandma or Grandpa lives in a retirement home, what can they do together with their grandchildren that’s both fun and meaningful?

What Makes Tea & Toast Different From Other Retirement Home Search Services?

Tea & Toast is not like other larger retirement home search services.

Put simply, we operate and treat our clients differently.

If you are looking for help in finding a retirement home in Ottawa, here are five reasons you can trust in us.

Everyone Loves Tea & Toast! Here's Why!

It’s not just Ottawa seniors and their family members who are saying great things about Tea & Toast…

Our own team loves working here too!

“Helping Beautiful Seniors Find Accommodations”—Meet Jean Johnston-McKitterick

"I love seniors! They have done so much in their lives, that I want to make sure they enjoy life to the fullest in their waning years."

“Going Back In And Seeing All Of My Former Residents Brings Me So Much Happiness” – Meet Amy McConnell

Tea & Toast wouldn’t be Tea & Toast without Amy Friesen!

How Do You Know If You Can Afford A Retirement Home?

It’s a question I hear all the time from Tea & Toast clients:

Can I afford to move into a retirement home?

Later-In-Life Love Stories That Will Make You Go "Awwwww"

Everybody loves a good love story.

10 Warning Signs Of Alzheimer's Disease

No doubt about it: Alzheimer’s Disease can be absolutely devastating to patients and their caregivers. If someone you love is beginning to show early warning signs of Alzheimer’s, it’s important to start making plans for specialized care.

Which Retirement Living Option Is For You?

Gone are the days when Grandma’s only choice was to move into the first retirement home that had an opening.

Yes, there are still all the traditional facilities available. But they’re not like how you probably remember them from 20—or even 10—years ago!

What Do You Look For In A Retirement Home?

If I were to put my ageing parent in a retirement home, my top three requirements would be…

That’s the question we asked recently on the Tea & Toast Facebook page.

Should You Move In With Ageing Parent?

On Facebook recently, I asked people in Ottawa to share their biggest concern about moving a parent into a retirement home.

The most popular response went something like this:

“I worry that a retirement residence wouldn’t watch or care for my parent as well as I could.”

4 Positive Outcomes From Living In A Retirement Home

The very thought of moving to a retirement residence can be really intimidating!

I know this because, for 12 years, I’ve helped families find retirement homes and ease the transition for countless families and seniors across Ottawa.

The Challenges Of Caring For Aging Parents From A Distance

I speak so often with seniors whose children are living out of town and whom they see relatively infrequently. When it comes time to make a decision for the betterment of the parent’s health, social and overall wellness, oftentimes the children feel they know the situation better than their own parents who are actually living the situation daily.