Contributor : Amy Friesen

Making personal care decisions for a family member in Ontario

What happens when you can’t make decisions regarding your own personal or medical care? Let’s say you’re temporarily incapacitated. Who can make them for you?

Should My Parent Downsize or Stay in Their Current Home?

When your parent reaches a certain age, their current home may begin to feel like it’s too big for them. Keeping it clean and maintained is becoming a hassle. If they’re widowed, the absence of their partner may make the place feel especially empty.

Music project awakens the brains of people with dementia

Music can be powerful medicine for anyone, but especially people with dementia. 

Popular Dance Moves of the 40’s

Do you remember dancing to any of these with your parents or grandparents?

New to Caregiving:It snuck up on me! Now what?

For many of us, caring for an aging parent(s) follows a natural progression over time. However, care needs can change and situations can shift. Sometimes those changes are sudden and profound, and other times slow and subtle. 

1940's Cars

Cars have definitely changed from the 1940s! Here are some fun facts we have gathered!

14-Day Self-Isolation No Longer Needed for Some Seniors Who Move into a Retirement Home

Until recently, the Ontario government required that all seniors moving into a retirement residence self-isolate for 14 days.

This could have been a big concern if you were contemplating a move to a seniors’ community, particularly if one of your motivations for moving was to form new social connections.

Top 5 favourite foods of the 1950's and 1960's

The 1950s and 1960s were foundational years for many of the foods we still enjoy today. Many will remember these as staples in their home.

1950's Fun Facts

The ’50s were deemed the “Baby Boom” and the “Golden Age” with its population rates flying and prospering economies in Canada and the US. 

4 Differences Between Retirement and Long-Term Care Homes in Ontario

4 differences that let you know whether you are looking at a retirement home or a long term care home.

Board Games of the 1950's

What board games did you play with your family when you were young?

Telling your life story as you get older

Sharing experiences from our lives can become more important as we get older. For some of us, it’s motivated by a desire to leave something of ourselves behind, a record of how we spent our time on Earth so that we’re not forgotten.

Top 5 movies your parents werewatching in the 1960's

Taking you down memory lane to the films your parents watched in their 20's! We hope these help grease the conversation wheels!

Local Health Integration Network Gets a New Name

Effective April 1, 2021, subsidized home care in Ontario has a new name. It’s Home and Community Care Support Services. None of the health care services the agency provides are changing.

1940’s songs to help connect with a loved one who has Dementia

Music can be powerful. Studies have shown music may reduce agitation and improve behavioral issues that are common in the middle-stages of the disease.

15 inspirational quotes about aging and lifelong learning

There’s a common misconception that older adults can’t learn new things. 

6 reasons healthy eating can be difficult for an aging parent – and what to do about it

You’re concerned that your aging mom or dad isn’t eating properly. You know that poor nutrition can lead to serious health problems.

Choosing the right medical alert system for your senior parent in the Ottawa area

You’re considering getting your aging parent – who lives in the Ottawa area – a medical alert system, also known as a personal emergency response system.

3 Steps to Take if Your Aging Parent Isn’t Taking Their Pills

Your elderly parent isn’t taking their medications. You’re worried. You’ve tried to talk to them about it, but they either ignore you or become irritated with you for being bossy.

It’s never too late to benefit from exercise

Even if you’ve been sedentary most of your adult life, it’s not too late to begin exercising. Something to keep in mind whether it’s for yourself or an aging parent.